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pvc interiors in coimbatore

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About Jomsons PVC Doors

Water Proof

Doors & Furniture made out of our profile are 100% water proof as it is made up of water resistance plastic.


As compared to wallpapers, paints tiles and wood it is budget friendly and definitely suits anybodys pocket.

Termite Proof

Our products are not affected by termite as it has no properties of wood.

Maintenance Free

Products does not require any polishing or coating, just a wipe with normal cloth and it will look as good as new.


PVC Furniture panels are 100% recyclable & even PVC Furniture can be used again by uninstalling them and reinstalling them at other place.

Easy to Install

The installation process of pvc wall/ceiling panels does not require a professional training, but Required professional Training In PVC Furniture.

Easy to Transport

Since pvc comes in different sizes, therefore, there are different transportation vehicles to move them.


There is no wastage in or after the installation of PVC Furniture, as it comes in different sizes.


PVC Furniture comes with long lasting with approximate 20+ years of life. Moreover, the wear and tear ratio is zero.